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Alex is a qualified PGA Golf Professional who is passionate about growing the game of golf, especially for those starting out new to the game. Alex provides golf lessons at Thornleigh Golf Centre in Northern Sydney.

Alex’s coaching ambition is to help people develop their skills making it more enjoyable for all, whether that be a junior player, weekend golfer or those wanting to take it a little more seriously out on the golf course. He loves meeting and building new relationships with people and is very enthusiastic in his coaching style to help people develop and achieve the results they are after in a comfortable, relaxed setting.

Alex is a left handed golfer who has recorded 4 professional victories and currently plays on the Australasian Tour and pro-am circuit, although his main passion has recently turned to growing the game through coaching.

His theory about coaching is “golf is hard enough as it is, so why make it harder?… Let’s keep it simple! If we can get the basic fundamentals right in our golf swing, there’s not a whole lot that can go wrong from there”.

Alex is a Trackman Level 2 certified golf coach. From his extensive sports background, he relates to many different sports when teaching the golf swing that connect directly back to certain body movements and the actions needed to build an efficient golf swing.

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